Claudia was an incredible asset to the Transforming IWM London team in her time volunteering with us. She approached emotionally- and linguistically- challenging collections of material with enthusiasm and delivered a consistently excellent series of translations. These were presented to curators in a clear, concise style and with linguistic context to explain nuance. Her work will be of immeasurable value to the new Holocaust and Second World War Galleries.

In all aspects Claudia was a superb translator, and we happily endorse her work and know that Claudia would be an excellent translator for any project, modern or historical.

J. Carlin. Imperial War Museum (London)


My Grandmother’s recipes go back more than one hundred years and are mainly in original German Hand Written Script. Where as those of my Mother’s are slightly more of the 20th Century and written with Roman Script if somewhat Germanised.

We left Germany in 1939 very fortunately with those early recipes intact, if somewhat weather beaten.

Claudia has made a quite superb job of transcribing the script, much to our great delight. She also pieced together pages which with time had almost disintegrated. It is great to have such an old manuscript legible and useable again.

Helen Zetter

Thanks so much for the marvelous job you have done of giving me a window into my grandmother’s life … My heartfelt thanks again for your sensitivity in doing this work.

F.W. Chicago

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