Claudia was an incredible asset to the Transforming IWM London team in her time volunteering with us. She approached emotionally- and linguistically- challenging collections of material with enthusiasm and delivered a consistently excellent series of translations. These were presented to curators in a clear, concise style and with linguistic context to explain nuance. Her work will be of immeasurable value to the new Holocaust and Second World War Galleries.

In all aspects Claudia was a superb translator, and we happily endorse her work and know that Claudia would be an excellent translator for any project, modern or historical.

J. Carlin. Imperial War Museum (London)


My Grandmother’s recipes go back more than one hundred years and are mainly in original German Hand Written Script. Where as those of my Mother’s are slightly more of the 20th Century and written with Roman Script if somewhat Germanised.

We left Germany in 1939 very fortunately with those early recipes intact, if somewhat weather beaten.

Claudia has made a quite superb job of transcribing the script, much to our great delight. She also pieced together pages which with time had almost disintegrated. It is great to have such an old manuscript legible and useable again.

Helen Zetter


Thanks so much for the marvelous job you have done of giving me a window into my grandmother’s life … My heartfelt thanks again for your sensitivity in doing this work.

F.W. Chicago

Research led to a series of handwritten letters from 1815 & 1816 from the Court of Wurtemberg, The language was identified as Kurrent. I was introduced to Claudia who agreed to have a look. Claudia provided an excellent and timely service in their transcription and translation; a task made very much more difficult by the extremely hard to read handwriting, scrawl might be a better description, of the authors of the letters.
I was very fortunate to have found you.
Thankyou very much for your time and expertise and I have no hesitation in recommending you.

Graeme P

Claudia provided my family professional and prompt transcription. My family obtained letters written in ancient font which were over a century old. We are so grateful for Claudia’s services. Her transcription brought forth new information about our ancestors! 

C. Pollom. Illinois


Thanks again so much for your work here which I greatly appreciate. The translations have opened a new window into understanding who some of our relatives were and the conditions in which they were living.  This is a real treasure.

D.W. North Carolina


Claudia’s service is fantastic, and her transcription skills are second to none. She always goes above and beyond to deliver high quality material, with additional contextual detail added as a bonus. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Ms. Strachan has been vital with regards to the creation of a family book, containing memoirs, dating from 1790 to 1875, of the Von der Mühll family. 

The book has been added to the collections of the Museum of Basel and the Swiss National Museum as per their request, due to the unique sociological content of the memoirs.

More importantly, without Ms. Strachan, my family would have been kept in ignorance as to the fantastic insight of the lives, customs and occurrences of those from a time long gone. 

Her work is of high quality: not only does Ms. Strachan transcribe proper, but she also keeps the format of the transcribed document ad idem to the original (even re-creating author deletions/scribbles), and adds historical buttressing as to create a fantastic and well-rounded historical document. It thus goes without saying that I highly recommend Ms. Strachan for transcribing services, and shall certainly be using her services as and when other documents pop up. 

It is my firm belief that the closest we can claim immortality is when our memory is forever held in remembrance, and Ms. Strachan has certainly contributed to giving a new lease of life to those no longer with us.

A.Von der Mühll




Claudia is truly a wizard of palaeography, able to extract meaning from the most obscure scrawl. Multiple native-speakers had given up on one particularly impenetrable postcard which Claudia decyphered almost by return. I cannot be sure whether witchcraft is involved, but her powers border on the supernatural… 

Prof. Andrea Sella. University College London

Through my mother, who escaped from Austria just before the Anschluss, I inherited an illustrated war diary describing the activities of my great-great-great grand-father Ernst in the defence of Vienna against the Napoleonic armies.  Claudia has done a wonderful translation of this.  It has made an intriguing connection with a distant relation, brought Ernst to life and illustrated the life and times in the early 1800s.  I am so grateful to Claudia for helping with this project.

Simon M. Oxford

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Claudia on my family archive project. She was very kind and professional, and wonderfully fast at her work. I had about a dozen letters written by various hands and all with various states of preservation. The translations came back sounding so lovely and personal, and were such a delight to read. Should I ever need another translator, I know where to go!  

Nicole S. Montpellier

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